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That feeling




When it’s pitch black outside, your porch light is out, the doorbell is rung two times in a quick succession, the dogs are freaking out, and you’re descending the staircase brandishing a trench axe.

Fuckin’ manly.

Why do you have a trench axe?

Why don’t you?

I’m sorry…but what’s a trench axe?

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The Cryaotic Zelda's Realm: Just a thought.



If we can’t see Cry’s face, then could we at least know why he doesn’t want to show it? I mean, I really do respect his privacy and all, but arrgh, curiosity is my worst enemy.

This is an interesting post.

I honestly think he’s doing it for the mystery. It’s what makes Cry Cry; the…

part of me thinks that one of the reasons he doesn’t face-cam is that when a person records their face as they are playing a game there is an expectation for them to react to everything and sometimes those reactions can seem excessive and over the top. 

I don’t know though. That’s just one person’s opinion.

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okay so I’m currently working on a Cry fanfic that i’ve posted part of to fanfiction.net and I kind of want to write a cute random livestream scene but have no idea what games to use and what other late night crew members should be involved. Help please. 

  (only just realized how to open an ask box on my page…lol)

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